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let’s have a look at the Pulsar a px wax vaporizer this unit is small discreet and has a triple quartz coil atomizer to provide satisfying vapor inside the box you’ll find the Pulsar a px wax vaporizer one USB charging cable one silicon wax container and one packing tool to load your pulsar a px wax remove the glass mouthpiece to expose the heating chamber using the included packing tool or your fingers load your wax directly onto the heating coils be sure not to touch the metal coils with your packing tool as it may damage the coils place the mouthpiece back onto the Pulsar apx wax and you’re ready to vaporize the Pulsar apx wax vaporizer does not have any type of temperature control simply press and greenvape wholesale hold the power button until the light changes from red to green heating takes about five seconds once the light turns green you can begin taking draws from the Pulsar apx wax to wrap this unit up i’d like to tell you guys about some of the key features of the Pulsar apx wax that make it such a stellar unit the first is the Pulsar apx waxes triple quartz coil atomizer this unit may be small but it’s capable of producing some serious vapor and the quartz coil ensures the flavor of your wax is preserved the second is the Pulsar a px waxes ease of use this unit features just one button it’s easy to load and it’s simple design makes it a great wax vaporizer for both beginners and true connoisseurs alike the third is the Pulsar a VX waxes battery life this unit features an impressive 1,100 milliamp internal battery and can last roughly an hour and a half of continuous use seeing us the device is usually used for only a few minutes at a time the Pulsar a px wax can potentially last for days on a single charge the Pulsar a px is a great unit for those looking for an easy to use high-value wax vaporizer that offers efficient satisfying vapor every time I’m Sarah for T vape TV we hope you enjoyed this video and for all you connoisseurs out there keep vaping

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